WDA Foundation Donation

As the philanthropic arm of the Wisconsin Dental Association, the WDA Foundation is committed to making a difference by improving the oral health of Wisconsin residents through support of projects that provide dental care for the disadvantaged while meeting the current and future needs of the dental profession.

The foundation makes a difference by bringing volunteer efforts to those who can least afford treatment. Programs focus on different groups of individuals, but share a common goal: better dental health for Wisconsin residents.

Your support makes this good work possible. The WDA Foundation sincerely thanks you.

Contact Executive Director Vicki Bohman at 414-755-4198 or with questions regarding the WDA Foundation.

You can choose either an “unrestricted donation” which will be used where the need is the greatest or a “restricted donation” in support of a specific program.

1. Unrestricted donation
Your gift will be used by the foundation where the need is greatest. If you do not specify a program on your donation, your gift will be considered “unrestricted” and used where needed.

2. Restricted donation
You can request your funds be used to support a specific program or project of the WDA Foundation, including:

Benevolent Fund in support of the Relief Fund

Dentists Concerned for Dentists

Donated Dental Services

Mission of Mercy

Annual grants program

Annual scholarships for Wisconsin-based dental/dental hygienist students

• Direct donations
• Dues statement donations
• Non-cash gifts (e.g., stocks and securities, metal refining and recycling, special event items)
• Planned giving
• Year-end or annual gift
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The WDA Foundation Legacy Society is an elite recognition of those individuals who have named the foundation in their planned giving.

You can become a member by first working with your attorney or accountant to include the WDA Foundation in your estate. When that has been done, simply complete the Legacy Society Letter of Intent and return it to the foundation. The letter of intent is not a binding contract, but rather a means of informing the foundation of your actions. When a completed letter is received, you will be named as a Legacy Society member. Your name will be listed as such in future donor honor rolls and you will receive a small token of appreciation that signifies your commitment to the future of dentistry.

The WDA Foundation is proud to be a member of Community Health Charities of Wisconsin.

The organization’s membership consists of more than 70 of America’s most recognized health charities. CHCWI works with those organizations to raise charitable contributions through workplace giving campaigns.

If you work for a Wisconsin company that participates in workplace giving campaigns, you can help the WDA Foundation bring dental health to the state’s at-risk population.

For more information, call 414-918-9100 or visit the CHCWI website.

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